Louboutins, writing goals and addictions

I have a dirty secret. Shoes.

Call it a fetish. Or an addiction. I don’t mind. My family and close friends have already tried the whole intervention thing. It’s futile. I have over two hundred pairs of shoes, so I guess I’m over with arguing about an addiction that’s obvious.

So what if I have lots of shoes? So what if I’m drooling over a pair of black patent leather peep toe Louboutins which I so don’t need (but desperately want), to add to my growing collection of footwear?

Should I indulge? Yes, and I hope it will be this year. When I get my writing career moving (forward that is), the shiny black shoes with the racy red heel and the leather to die for, will be mine.

Am I unreasonable? I mean, really, does someone need so many shoes?

For me, shoes do come a close third in life’s greatest joys, after my family and my writing. They make me feel content and confident and yes, maybe I do see them as a motivational tool. A treat. A reward for work well done.

I believe that the small pleasures in life are the ones that make us truly happy. Things like my son bringing me a flower he cut from the garden (normally a wilting dandelion), or my hubby surprising me by picking up my favourite magazine from the shop (normally the wrong one).

But once in a while, I will indulge in more complex pleasures. The ones that involve buying myself a pair of completely unreasonable shoes that I will probably wear once (under specific weather and terrain conditions) and then put back in their box, only to come out when I want to sniff them or stroke them or whisper sweet nothings into their soles.

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7 Responses to Louboutins, writing goals and addictions

  1. Leanne says:

    LOVE those shoes! And I totally agree – you’ve got to treat yourself after a job well done, and having something like that to look forward to can be a great motivator. And besides, a girl can never have too many shoes :)

  2. Angie says:

    If you stroke them and whisper sweet nothings to them I guess the problem is bigger than we all thought… Love your writing though! :)

  3. Mick H. says:

    Mmmm, sounds serious this addiction. You need to visit Doc Marten.


    • Elpi says:

      LOL – I already have three pairs! Or maybe four? But I don’t have one you are selling. Will be trying your customer service when I get back from my trip!

  4. Janice says:

    No one should under estimate the power of shoes – or for that matter how many a girl needs! x

  5. Shiva Kumar Thekkepat says:

    Louboutins… I was wondering where I’d heard of that brand when it all came back to me: PeterJames’ thrillers! The last couple of them had criminals with a shoe fetish. So I learned about a whole lot of brands I would otherwise have never heard of. Wonder if you live in Brighton… his novels are set there, and he told me it is the crime capital of the world!

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