Versatile Bloggers Award – This is me!

The lovely Clare Kirkpatrick has kindly nominated me for a Versatile Bloggers Award. What’s this? Google it. It’s fascinating and a wonderful way to get to know new bloggers. Thank you so much Clare for offering me the opportunity to share seven unknown things about me. Without further ado:

1. Fifteen minutes of fame

I took part in the TV program “Build a New Life in the Country”, while we were renovating and extending our home. Having cameras around while I struggled to juggle motherhood and builders was hard work.

I also experienced a deteriorating vocabulary (mainly consisting of expletives and name calling) and an increasingly noticeable Lancashire accent (this happens when you only deal with builders from Lancashire for two years).

Still, it’s nice to have professional video footage of our son’s first eighteen months and also making some good friends in the process. Oh, and did I say being reminded NEVER to take on a large building project again?

2. Weddings

I’m not a good guest at weddings. No, I am not. Here is the proof:

  • 1 year ago: The room is alive with people chatting and laughing and having a good time. I do not see the bride and groom standing up to toast. Everyone goes quiet, apart from me that is. “This champagne is terrible, it tastes like beer!”
  • 4 years ago: Having powdered my nose, I return to the party to find my husband eager for a dance. I hear a little boy say “Mummy, what’s that string coming out of that lady’s bum?” It should have registered but it didn’t. It takes a not so kind woman to tell me that my red silk dress is firmly stuck between my oversized buttocks. She waits till the end of the song, of course.
  • 10 years ago. Everyone is waiting for the bride and groom to emerge from the church. I grasp the confetti in my palms ready to throw it to the happy couple. I hear clapping behind me and I turn to see a man. I want to ask him, how can he hold a camera and a present and his wife’s bag and jacket but it’s too late. He slips and grabs the first thing in front of him in a desperate attempt to steady himself, my dress. The confetti does little to cover me. Thankfully, I am wearing knickers and my boobs are still pert. Did I say, the bride never speaks to me again?

3. 7-15-16

No, the numbers are not my safe combination, nor my password and certainly not my measurements (I’d look pretty weird if they were). The numbers represent the years I lived in Canada, Greece and the UK, respectively. Yes, I’ve been around. A little bit.

4. Eleven

The highest number of flights I have taken in a single week. It was my personal record, when I trained as a management consultant (we all have our dark secrets) and lived out of a suitcase for two years.

5. My 10 year curse

At the tender age of eight, I was mad about ballet. I spent hours practising. Then one day, feeling confident enough to practice the splits, I managed to get a pin (hidden in the carpet) pierce my skin and get stuck in my knee tendon.

At eighteen, I traded ballet for fast motorbikes and dangerous men. This time, a car hit the dangerous man’s bike (with me sitting behind him) while stopped at a red light. My ankle got stuck to the exhaust and we slid a considerable distance in the tarmac.

At the age of twenty-eight, having had a row with hubby (then boyfriend) I decided I was driving myself back home in my nifty little coupe. And while it’s nice tackling country roads, a rabbit jumping out was my recipe for disaster. Three pirouettes of nifty little sports car later, it looked considerably squashed.

I’ve survived all of these, albeit with some scars. And without wanting to tempt fate, I have another five months before I can say I broke with tradition.

6. Running with the Elites

I was honoured to have ran the 2006 Great Manchester 10K Run with the Elite team at the front line. I had been running for about three months at the time and being stubbornly goal oriented, I decided my goal was to do the run in under 30 minutes.

I mean how long does it take you to run just over six miles?

So I answered the question in the entry form accordingly. What I didn’t realise is that the women’s world record for a 10K run is something like twenty five minutes! Of course, my name probably helped:

This one says she’ll do it in 30 minutes!”

What’s her name?”

Elpi Pamiadaki”

Oh she’ll be an international. Stick her with the elites.”

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I thought my life was going to end with the last ever episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I really felt I didn’t have the will to live and felt depressed for weeks. Thankfully, I survived, but I still occasionally put on a Buffy DVD to chill out. Charmed and other shows were good, but they never had the intense hold that Buffy did.

Well? What do you think? Yes I know some are a little weird. And here are my nominations for passing the Versatile Bloggers Award forward. These are all lovely people and I can’t wait to find out more about them:

Leanne Richards

Stacey Mitchell

Liesel Schwarz

James Parker

Ruth Livingstone

Shéa MacLeod

Steven Chapman


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8 Responses to Versatile Bloggers Award – This is me!

  1. Leanne says:

    Oo I love these facts! I’m definitely finding that TV programme and will be keeping my fingers crossed that your ten year curse is over, although I don’t believe you’re 38 for a second! :) Thanks for the nomination too, how exciting! Now to come up with 7 interesting things… x

    • Elpi says:

      Yes, how embarrassing! Really, you must bear in mind I lived in a shed and dressed in tracks suits for most of the show – all my clothes / shoes were in storage. Oh and I do sound funny! I have been 38 for many – many years! LOL (no not really!)

  2. Beth Kemp says:

    Fascinating stuff! You do have some interesting facts to share. And I’m totally with you on the Buffy thing. My eldest daughter is now a huge Buffy fan (probably shouldn’t admit to having let a 12 yr old watch it, but it’s not that bad). Thanks for the laughs with the weddings and running stories!

    • Elpi says:

      Oh! A fellow Buffy fan! Wasn’t / Isn’t she and the rest of the scooby gang great! Thanks for your lovely comment and I’ll let you know how I get on with next wedding this Saturday. Eeeek!

  3. I love your facts! Thanks for doing it :) Off to read the blogs you’ve tagged now.

  4. james parker says:

    Love the blog Elpi…especially the loss of Buffy! I loved Buffy but loved Angel even more and was absolutely gutted when it finished!!! And following the tradition, I will put up 7 facts about me in my new blog!! 😉

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