The dog ate my blog posts

Honestly. I’ve been meaning to blog for ages. I’ve had, and lost, the best blog ideas ever! I’ve just not got around to writing them down…

So wordpress now kindly reminds me that it’s been nearly seven months since my last blog post. The shame! Seven months? Where did the time go?

Well, without trying to conjure up excuses for my blog-fail (I don’t have a dog), I thought I’d all let you know what I’ve been up to since July.

I got back from my Greek holiday at the end of August, with a few days to spare before Trainboy started primary school; a nail biting experience for me though he did remarkably well settling in! I planned and wrote another novel during NaNoWriMo (which still needs completing, though the 50K word mark was hit a few days before the end of November) and got involved in business with a friend at around the same time

That takes me to the end of November. December felt like a sly draft from a misfitted window – it brushed past me before I even had time to react. To be frank, preparations for Christmas always make me feel that way. January and half of February have sort of flown past with a mixture of non-fiction work and business work.

And here I am now. I’ve read a load of books worth reviewing, I’ve made a load of notes for short stories that are worth writing and I’ve got a full moleskin of ideas on editing and finishing my new novel. I just need to get started. This time, I promise to keep you up to date with my progress.

I better roll up those sleeves…

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