Here I go again.

After completely going over the top on veg growing last year, I decided this year, I wasn’t going to do so much. Spring has just about started and a quick look through my seed box and I am scratching my head. How do I cut down on veg gardening? Do I choose, five veg? Six? Do I do the beans rather than the peas, or broccoli rather than parsnips?

I can’t choose. I want to grow everything – which is a big problem when you’ve still got freezer fulls (three to be precise) of last years produce.

I don’t think my friends and family will be too happy either. I’ll get the rolling eyes and towards harvest period I will also get looks of terror, as I walk towards them with bags laden with fruit and veg. I’ll still do it though!

So it starts. This weekend I’ll be sowing three types of tomatoes (beef tomatoes, cherry reds and cherry golden) and three types of chillies (normal hot, scotch bonnets and naga). I’m also sowing early peas and maybe some sunflowers. Just to start with. Then I’ll add every weekend.

Not doing so much then?  Famous last words.



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    Hit # 21.
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