A couple of steps back…

Once again, its been a while since I blogged. I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but it has been an eventful year so far. When I wrote my last blog post back in February, I never imagined that within a few hours of posting it, my life would have taken the turn it did. A 360 degree turn.

C’est la vie! With a divorce underway, a five year old that is coping wonderfully well, builders making a mess while trying to get a house perfect for going on the market, non-performing estate agents and some rather difficult people to put up with, the writing side of my life has been put on hold. The same applies to my reading. Last year, I read over twenty books – and that was a low reading year for me. This year, I have managed a third of a book! I miss my fiction writing, I miss my fiction reading and I miss being literary.

Adapting to a new lifestyle has meant that I’ve had to invert into myself a little. Focus on Trainboy’s wellbeing. Focus on finding myself. As a result, my routine has changed. The way I think, dream, operate and live, has changed.

It seems I’ve taken a couple of steps back, and in the process, lost my mojo.

Do I feel lost? Initially, yes I did. Now I can see some progress. I have taken up kickboxing with Trainboy, I have reconnected with people I haven’t seen for a very long time, I have put my name down for a triathlon (a secret ambition I nurtured for years!) and I have made some great new friends along the way. As a result, both my mental and physical fitness are on the up.

From where I am now, life is great and it’s getting better. And as for my writing and reading mojo, I know it’s not lost. I know that it will be back, probably stronger. A bit like me. The true me. The real me. Sometimes, a couple of steps back is all that is needed to move forward and get back on track. 

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4 Responses to A couple of steps back…

  1. Nettie says:

    It’s lovely to hear from you again, Elpi. I do hope life turns out to be brilliant for you and Trainboy again.
    missing you.


    • Elpi says:

      It’s lovely to see a comment from you, Nettie. Sorry for the very late reply. I have no excuses apart from life getting in the way of life. I hope you are well. xx

  2. Lois Pougnet says:

    I say it’s the terrible weather that resposible for everything getting put on hold this year. Like the trees and plants my brain just didn’t function until the sun finally came through in July. And I’m trying to use present stresses to feed my creativity. Good luck with whatever direction you go in now.

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